Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oldie But Goodie

Here is a small painting I created about three years ago.  I am bringing it out of storage to see the light of day again!  I started the piece by collaging pieces of magazine and then simply painting over them.  This way I had more of a solid composition to start with.

Sized just Right

Most of my paintings are very small in size, about seven inches tall.  Look for this work among others next First Friday at City of the World Gallery!


Here is a piece done with a similar pallate as the painting I posted about earlier.  Look for it this First Friday at City of the World Gallery!


Here is my first attempt at some embroidery.  It is for a friend's bridal shower.  A word to the wise?  Invest in some embroidery thread :)  That is, of course, if you like the look of tiny stitching and the feeling of working endlessly.  

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dream a little dream

I painted this painting to hang over my bed.  Hopefully the colors will inspire my subconscious to stew up some good dreams.