Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paper Flowers

I have been playing with tissue paper lately.  I have been caught gluing it on glass, cardboard, and now this!  Actually the first few flowers were made using coffee filters and food coloring.  Being an art teacher for elementary students re-introduces you to geeky crafting and it can be quite inspirational.  The purple background is really just my bedspread haha.


I decided to spend a few "time-out" days at my Mom's house in California.  I realized that I had a ton of paints there hiding in the room off of the garage.  Let's call it my artist in residency, ha.  Here is a painting from the vacation.

sketchbook explorations

For the Record

The music teacher at my school came across dozens of old records of elementary school music.  So don't worry, all of you music buffs, half of these records did not make much music anymore.  And if they did, it wasn't something I think we would listen to.